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Welcome to the Ohio Secretary of State's Voter Files Download Page. At this page you can download files of all registered voters by county, state senate district, state representative district, congressional district, or the entire state of Ohio. The statewide file is divided into four .zip files SWVF_1_22 (Adams-Erie), SWVF_23_44 (Fairfield-Lawrence), SWVF_45_66 (Licking-Pike) and SWVF_67_88 (Portage-Wyandot). The voter files available on this page are updated every week.

The data is in a "comma delimited" format that can be imported into Microsoft Excel or opened in Access as well as many other spreadsheet or database programs. Many of the available files contain a significant quantity of data records. A spreadsheet program, such as MS Excel, may not allow all of the data in a file to be loaded because of a limit on the number of available rows. For this reason, it is advised that a database application be utilized to load and work with the data available at this site. For technical issues, please contact us at (614) 466-8467 or [email protected].

Each user's Internet connection, (i.e. cable, DSL, fiber), will determine the speed by which the file is downloaded. Every effort was made to package the files in manageable sizes for any connection speed.

State Senate Voter Files - To download, select the district name.

District NameLast UpdatedFile Size
STATE_SENATE_0101-AUG-20115,733 KB
STATE_SENATE_0201-AUG-20136,576 KB
STATE_SENATE_0301-AUG-20111,595 KB
STATE_SENATE_0401-AUG-20119,407 KB
STATE_SENATE_0501-AUG-20120,317 KB
STATE_SENATE_0601-AUG-20127,073 KB
STATE_SENATE_0701-AUG-20137,764 KB
STATE_SENATE_0801-AUG-20131,114 KB
STATE_SENATE_0901-AUG-20132,359 KB
STATE_SENATE_1001-AUG-20120,136 KB
STATE_SENATE_1101-AUG-20112,633 KB
STATE_SENATE_1201-AUG-20114,577 KB
STATE_SENATE_1301-AUG-20131,611 KB
STATE_SENATE_1401-AUG-20122,539 KB
STATE_SENATE_1501-AUG-20117,648 KB
STATE_SENATE_1601-AUG-20120,702 KB
STATE_SENATE_1701-AUG-20116,799 KB
STATE_SENATE_1801-AUG-20125,643 KB
STATE_SENATE_1901-AUG-20136,908 KB
STATE_SENATE_2001-AUG-20125,103 KB
STATE_SENATE_2101-AUG-20118,027 KB
STATE_SENATE_2201-AUG-20128,939 KB
STATE_SENATE_2301-AUG-20104,613 KB
STATE_SENATE_2401-AUG-20134,749 KB
STATE_SENATE_2501-AUG-20120,334 KB
STATE_SENATE_2601-AUG-20111,934 KB
STATE_SENATE_2701-AUG-20124,116 KB
STATE_SENATE_2801-AUG-20109,611 KB
STATE_SENATE_2901-AUG-20113,969 KB
STATE_SENATE_3001-AUG-20124,740 KB
STATE_SENATE_3101-AUG-20125,548 KB
STATE_SENATE_3201-AUG-20109,595 KB
STATE_SENATE_3301-AUG-20117,295 KB